Timber Window Repairs window restoration Eastern suburbs Melbourne


How do you stop the rot?
We will machine off all the paint in the affected area to reveal the full extent of the rot. Then we know exactly where to cut off the rot. After the rot has been removed we paint the cut with a copper based timber preservative. Which is similar to treated pine.

Can you replace glass and putty?
Yes, if required or requested.

Are you insured?
Yes we are insured for public liability.

How good are your joins. Will they be visible?
Most often they can’t be seen after all work is completed.

Do you paint the whole window and what about colour matching?
We quote only to paint the repaired area and we match the colour as closely as possible.

Do you service a greater area of Melbourne?
No, the business is based in Blackburn and with additional driving, jobs are no longer cost effective.